Youth motivational speaker Josh Sundquist

believe. overcome. lead.

After losing his leg to cancer, Josh was the victim of both verbal and physical bullying. As a teenager, he faced insecurity about his appearance.

He had one leg. He looked different. Maybe even weird.

But thanks to the wisdom of his mentors and role models, Josh eventually adapted to being different. He embraced what makes him unique. And today he travels the country as a motivational speaker for high school student showing teenagers how they can do the same.


As a Paralympian, amputee, and cancer survivor, Josh has a life story that connects with teens in a personal way and helps them rethink their attitude towards life and its adversity. As a former stand up comic and a bestselling author, he has a sense of humor and a story telling ability that holds students in rapt attention from the moment he walks on stage until the final line of his speech. His programs are interactive, ultra-high energy, and packed full of life changing ideas and content.


Having appeared on MTV and built a YouTube channel with over 200,000 subscribers and 25 million views, Josh has a proven ability to speak to teens in their language. He helps young people make empowered decisions in the face of personal challenges like negative social pressures, learning disabilities, domestic problems, and disadvantaged backgrounds. They will leave Josh’s program motivated to set higher goals for themselves as students and to become stronger leaders in their communities.

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insane guarantee

In post event evaluations, your students will rate Josh as the best speaker your school or conference has ever had.

If not, you will be refunded any expenses you've incurred to bring him to speak.

(No one has ever requested a refund).


To invite Josh to speak at your school or teen leadership event, make an online request or call (202) 750-1154.

Rave Reviews

Best speaker I’ve ever heard!
— Michelle Foley, Conference Director FFA
In 17 years of teaching in 5 states you were the brightest most inspiring and entertaining I have every heard as a keynote speaker.
— Anita Bransford, Bankhead Teacher Huntsville City Schools
I have been involved with DECA for over 15 years and I have to say that your speech was the best that I have seen.
— Richard Totten, National President Delta Epsilon Chi (DECA) 1998-99
I have never seen our school principal so enthusiastic about a speaker. She has been in the education system for over 30 years and can be a tough sell.
— Diana Smith, PTA President Dozier Middle School
Josh was without a doubt the greatest speaker we’ve ever had.
— Andrew Reece, Maryland 4-H Teen Council
The best presentation I have ever seen during my 14 years in middle schools.
— Nancy Miller, Assistant Principal Beverley Manor Middle Schoo