One Year of My One Man Show

Exactly one year ago, Ashley and I set out to create the most awkward theatrical experience one can have on a Friday night in Santa Monica.

I believe we've succeeded.

Not only is our show “We Should Hang Out Sometime” full of uncomfortable laughs and quirky inside jokes that are only funny to my best friend Brad, new audience members have continued to show up week after week.


Many of those audience members attended by mistake, confusing my show for the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting taking place next door. But very few people have actually a walked out during the show (only one person during the entire month of June!), and some have even come back to see it again, on purpose.

The show is kind of the opposite of my motivational speeches, by the way. Whereas a good motivational speech is supposed to inspire you with examples of positive life decisions, my show is about how unskilled I am at dating. So after watching the show you should go and do the exact opposite of me. Basically, the show is a de-motivational speech.


Anyway, this Friday, July 5th, is exactly 364 days since opening night. It will be the 31st performance of the show. Want to join us for the anniversary celebration? There will be cake. And free wine. (Again, don't confuse us with that AA meeting).

Get tickets.

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Josh Sundquist