How To Become A Motivational Speaker

Josh stands in front of the words “how to become a motivational speaker”

People contact me all the time to ask how to become a motivational speaker.

It’s a great question. Because it’s a really, really great job.

So I’ve decided to answer it once and for all in an epic-length post where I will tell you literally everything you need to know to about how to become a motivational speaker.

Josh gestures while on stage giving an inspirational speech

I’ll cover:

  1. The components of a motivational speech

  2. The most common misconception about getting started in this career

  3. How to develop your starter marketing kit

  4. Where to find your first few speeches

  5. How to (eventually) get paid to speak

And much, much more.

You can find it all here. You’re welcome.

Josh Sundquist