3 speeches in 3 countries

Photo Apr 02, 8 51 09 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 03, 7 17 03 PM.jpg

This week I’m doing 3 speeches in 3 countries 🇺🇸 🇨🇦 🇧🇸

Usually I travel to speeches by myself, but Ashley came along this time—both because of the beautiful locations and to help with driving through Canada on very little sleep 🤤🚗

Pictured above: In the Canadian Rockies on Tuesday, then in the Bahamas on Wednesday. Before that I spoke at an event in San Francisco on Monday ✈️ 🌎

Fortunately, I’m not usually this busy. But even during a crazy week like this, I feel grateful for the work and for the opportunity to visit new places 🗺 Being a motivational speaker was a childhood dream for me. I’m super fortunate to get to do this for a living 🙏 🎤

Josh Sundquist