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motivational speaker case study: GameTime Sales Meeting

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Since 1929, GameTime has been committed to designing fun, exciting play activities for children of all abilities.

GameTime hired Josh as the keynote speaker for its annual Sales Meeting. The event theme was "Play has No Limits," a reference to GameTime's commitment to developing outdoor recreation opportunities for people of any ability or age.

how Josh built a custom speech for GameTime

Several weeks before GameTime's meeting, Josh shadowed Nate, the local GameTime sales rep, at a playground installation in Southern California.

Josh standing with Nate at the playground

Josh learned how Nate works with customers like Parks and Recreation Departments, schools, and landscape architecture firms to create custom playground and outdoor recreation installations such as the lighthouse-themed park above.

Josh watches Nate talk to a contractor

In this bird's-eye photo, Josh looks on as Nate and an installation contractor review last-minute details to finish the playground before the grand opening celebration for the local community.

Josh poses in a photo with the team

Josh attended the entire three-day sales conference so he could learn about GameTime's goals and unique culture. He attended all general sessions, met with members of the leadership team and talked to attendees from across the country.

In these clips from his speech Josh A) ties an anecdote from his life to a well-known personality in the audience and B) affirms GameTime's core belief in the power of play for people of all abilities by sharing a story about how a piece of recreation equipment played a role in his own journey of rehabilitation.

rave review

"Most keynote speakers arrive about two minutes before they go on stage. Josh came three days early to attend our entire event, meet our team, and get to know our culture. He was able to refer to audience members by name and tie together elements of our entire meeting as he shared his life story with us. Josh is a dynamic, purpose-driven speaker with a message of passion and perseverance that is relevant to any audience. Our team left the meeting eager to do more, to be more and to expect more from life and from ourselves. Josh inspired us to always strive to do 'one more thing, one more time!'"

Kent Callison
Director of Marketing Communications

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