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Howard Family Dental's annual Summit brings together all the dentists, hygienists, and adminstrative staff from its network of dental offices for a day of inspiration and fun.

how Josh built a custom speech for Howard Family Dental

Josh arrived in Savannah, Georgia two days before the Summit so he could experience Howard Family Dental from the perspective of a new patient.

Josh in the dentist chair

Josh's teeth were cleaned by Courtney, who began working at the front desk of that office as a teenager. After graduating from college and then hygienist school, she returned to join the team as a hygienist.

Josh poses with Courtney

Josh had the chance to meet Dr. Tony and the rest of the team at the office.

In his speech the next day, Josh shared how a front desk employee named Tamika greeted him with a warm smile and the words, "Welcome to the family. Thanks for choosing us."

Josh also drew a parallel between his story and the work of his new friends at Howard Family Dental: As a nine-year-old who had just lost his hair to chemotherapy, eighteen of Josh's friends shaved their heads so that he would feel better about the way he looked. Similarly, each day the employees of Howard Family Dental help their patients to smile a bit more confidently—to feel better about the way they look after having their teeth cleaned, whitened, or otherwise improved through the many procedures Howard offers.

Watch a clip from that part of his speech:

rave review

"I've hired dozens of speakers for our dental group summits over the years and Josh is the only one who arrived early to visit one of our local offices, meet the staff, and even get his teeth cleaned. It's a nice touch that allowed his presentation to be more personalized for the audience. We were so entertained and inspired by Josh's story that we brought him back to speak again at one of our other events!"

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