"I had so many people tell me that this was our best luncheon in its 20-year history..."

Motivational Speaker Josh Sundquist speaking on stage in front of green background at BOSMA Visionary Opportunities Foundation luncheon

motivational speaker case study: disability non-profit fundraiser

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client: Bosma Enterprises

Founded in 1915, Bosma Enterprises creates opportunities for individuals who are blind or visually impaired. They do this by offering comprehensive rehabilitation training (free of charge) and providing employment.

event: Hasbrook Award Luncheon

For the past twenty years, this annual luncheon has been an opportunity to inspire the local community, give out awards, and connect with donors. Bosma's communications team hired Josh because they believed his story and speaking style would inspire attendees (both Bosma clients and community supporters) who are facing adversity.

how Josh built a custom speech for Bosma

Josh arrived in Indianapolis forty-eight hours in advance of the luncheon so he could tour Bosma's headquarters where they offer a three-month rehabilitation program and employment to individuals with visual impairments. Josh's tour of the facility was conducted by Ray, Marketing Activity Associate for Bosma Enterprises.

Josh standing with Ray in an office space
Josh and Ray, his tour guide. Ray became fully blind as an adult due to an accident.

On his tour, Josh met Bosma's leadership team and many of its clients. He discussed the objectives of the luncheon with its organizers on the marketing team, including their desired speech length (30 minutes), messaging ("blindness doesn't mean a person's life is over"), and goals for the event (raise money to make service improvements such as reducing the current six-month waiting list for Bosma's rehabilitation program).

On the day of the event, Josh arrived early to meet donors at the VIP reception.

Josh chats with Bosma Enterprises CEO Lou Moneymakaer
Josh chats with Bosma Enterprises CEO Lou Moneymakaer at the VIP reception before the event.

results and feedback

"We can't thank Josh enough for his inspiring words. I had so many people tell me that this was our best luncheon in its 20-year history. I appreciate that Josh took the time to visit our facility the day before to understand our mission, employees and clients. He did a wonderful job using his story to inspire others to engage in our own mission. Everyone who came left inspired and ready to do whatever they can to make our community a better place to live and work for people who are blind."
Lise Pace
Director of Marketing

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"A lot of speakers, even the really good ones, seem like they are giving a rehearsed one-act play. You incorporated the great insights from your book while also weaving in the theme of our program, Madonna highlights and even our GOAL Award recipients by name."
Molly Nance
Director of Marketing
Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital

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"Josh inspired our audience with his unique brand of inspirational comedy. The powerful impact of his presentation touched people's lives in a very special way."
Stephanie Sulmer
Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Sheltering Arms

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"Thank you again for the outstanding presentations and networking opportunities for RIKC. You have been the absolute best to work with and will be very difficult to top for next year."
Jeanette Boucher, OTR
SMarketing Director

R!KC (The Rehabilitation Institute of KC)

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"I wanted to thank you again for working with us on The Trust Inaugural event, and being a wonderful emcee for the evening. People could not get enough of you, and you truly made the event one that people will remember for a long time."
Megan Healy
Major Gifts
Children's National Medical Center

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