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The ASHP mid-year convention brings together more than 20,000 pharmacists from around the world.

Josh was the First-Time Attendee Welcome Keynote. The audience included pharmacists who are just beginning their careers and fourth-year pharmacy students interviewing for residencies and job-placement while at the convention.

how Josh built a custom speech for ASHP

Josh giving his speech

The ASHP meeting planner asked Josh to incorporate the following three themes into his presentation to increase the relevance and value of the event for audience members.

Theme #1
inspiration for interviewing

From ASHP: "Many audience members are fourth-year pharmacy students are at the convention to meet potential employers at a job-fair type event called the 'Residency Showcase.' Attendees are therefore under tremendous pressure and need a boost of inspiration and confidence before they try to make a good impression during interviews with residency program directors."

Josh explains why he walks two hours out of his way to get to a pharmacy because it offers friendly customer service. He explains how this same principle of smiling and making eye contact is also what will help the audience succeed in their residency interviews.

Theme #2
bridging generational gaps

From ASHP: "Given that the audience is composed primarily of Millennials, they need to consider how to make their attributes work for them in the workplace full of baby boomers and gen x-ers. They should consider how to do their part to bridge the generational gap of communication and technology preferences in their new jobs."

Josh shares a story about a recent interaction with a child as an example of interacting with someone whose age is significantly different than yours.

Theme #3
adapting to a new role

From ASHP: "When they begin their residency programs or new pharmacy jobs in the coming months, audience members need to remember that adapting to a new role in an unfamiliar work environment is a process that doesn't happen overnight. Early frustrations should be expected and should not be a reason for them to question their career choice or give up their enthusiasm."

Josh talks about how he fell five times in his first ski race. But that wasn't a sign he was in the wrong sport. It was simply part of starting something new. Similarly, when the audience begins their new jobs they can expect some early disappointments. But those aren't signs they made the wrong career move. Those are opportunities to reconnect to the reasons they became excited about this career in the first place.


"Great working with you! That was an awesome talk! Very motivational for all of us. Everyone is raving about it. Thanks so much!"

Jenna Fancher
ASHP Student Forum

Josh takes a photo with an audience member

Students wait in line ot meet Josh

AHSP audience members line up to take photos with Josh after his speech.

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