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Lisa McLaughlin
Assistant to Josh Sundquist
(202) 750-1154
[email protected]

Whether you need to book Josh for a speech or are just wondering what Josh's shoe size is, Lisa is here to help.

While attending the University of Virginia, Lisa immersed herself in theater, building houses, and continuing her life-long love of archery.  Now, she spends her days hanging out in the office with Josh, honing her trapeze skills, and answering e-mail.  So go on ahead and contact her.  Operators are waiting.


Josh Sundquist
Giver of Motivational Speeches

When he is not sending vocalized sound waves into microphones while standing in front of a bunch of people sitting in chairs, Josh enjoys going on long walks to compose witty Twitter updates, reading the (printed) version of the newspaper, and writing about himself in the third-person.


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